ᒍOIᑎ ᗰE & CAMERA ODYSSEYS Iᑎ ᑕᑌᗷᗩ ᖴEᗷ.14-24Tᕼ 2019 / by Travis W Keyes

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Travis W Keyes, Professional Photographer, Social Media

Having forged his path into the world of photography after a career in nightlife and entertainment, Travis brings a sharp and unique aesthetic to his photography. Discovering a new sense of happiness and fulfillment in his work. With a quick look at his work (a who's who in fashion and celebrities), one can see why he is always in high demand.

Workshop I will be running during the trip

  • Traveling Light, shooting portraits with strobe on location.

  • Get more out of your Social Media

  • Working with Sony Alpha Cameras

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Bruce Byers, Professional Photographer Will be with us on the streets, photographing people and the architecture of Cuba. This will be his 20th trip. Bruce designs the trips to make sure you’ll never see, or photograph, the world quite the same way again. He is very excited about our upcoming trips, and thinks you will be as well.

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Glenn Batkin, Creative Director

Creative Director that will provide expert groundwork for more impactful images.

An award winning creative director in advertising, Glenn believes humans are wired for stories. Creative storytelling can evoke emotions and generate strong personal connections to a brand, its objective, and its products. He has created advertising for such brands as IBM, Gatorade, Unicef, The US Armed Forces and Verizon. Glenn has worked with some of the world’s top commercial photographers to capture striking images for his clients.

Over the course of the trip you will learn:

  • The difference between photography and storytelling.

  • Anyone can take a photograph but not all photographs tell visually rich stories.

  • The use of design in photography through color, texture, light, perspective and detail.

  • To craft your own unique visual voice.


Carlos Aguilera, Cuban Artist

Our Cuban Artist will also be with us to introduce us to the world of Cuban artist. Born in Santiago with a famous Cuban artist father. Carlos will be our window into life and culture of Cuba.


Santiago to Vinales Tobacco

Feb 14th: Meet in Miami 
(Hotel in Miami not included)
Fly to Holguin, Cuba, February 15th
Santiago (Rum Art) Vinales (Tobacco) 
Havana (Cars Music)
Group of 10 to 12
Price $4500 
Deposit of $800 holds a spot
10 days and 9 nights
Included dinners, lunches & breakfast

Travel and stay in and around Cuba

When we visit some of our favorite remote places, like Cuba, we’ll be sure to give you a trip with a twist that no ordinary group would offer. For instance in Cuba, we’re going to not just visit magnificent urban and rural areas, we’ll be following the tobacco harvest with some of the most famous growers and cigar makers in the world, across the country, a trip equivalent to being on the ground for the great wine harvests of Bordeaux and Burgundy.

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