A Carry-on to rule them all..... / by Travis W Keyes

No one can deny its getting more frustrating to fly. Between what you can carry onto a plane, security and long lines. But for the savvy traveler there is a new bag in town that seems to make travel a bit more enjoyable and secure..  Enter the Blue Smart. A bag with a digital lock, battery charger, location tracing, built in scale, proximity alerts and a trip data app. Oh and it looks cool too. What started with an indiegogo goal to raise 50,000 raised almost 2 million dollars. the suitcase is also TSA, FAA and Dot accepted.


 For a very limited time, you can pre-order your Bluesmart carry-on for only $299 (40% off expected retail price). And with my special link you will save $20 on top of that...  Happy Travels!!!!