The Gap: An Inspirational Video About How All Artists Struggle in the Beginning / by Travis W Keyes

The video above is a fresh take on an old snippet of interview that NPR’s Ira Glass of the show This American Life gave back in 2009 (it initially went viral in early 2012). It’s an inspirational ‘don’t give up’ message for beginners that describes what Glass calls ‘The Gap’ between your taste and your skill that exists when you first begin any artistic endeavour.

With all of the arts, and photography certainly applies, many of those who decide to pursue their passion often find that the work they produce initially — perhaps for the first severalyears — is just no good. This is because, says Glass, their skill isn’t fully developed, and yet they have ‘killer taste’ that allows them to immediately see this fact.

This often leads to dissatisfaction and ultimately throwing in the towel, but Glass encourages you to stay the course. You still have phenomenal taste, and over time your skills will improve to match that taste, especially if you follow his advice and do a LOT of work.