WD My Passport - not ready for prime time / by Travis W Keyes

I love playing with new tech but being an earlier adopter can come at a price. I recently picked up the new WD My Passport Wireless 2tb. I had read about it and knew someone that had picked up one before me. A drive that I could connect to wirelessly and had a sd slot to transfer files automatically while I was in the field was something I was very interested in. All its options sound much better than they work in reality. It comes with little documentation and instructions on how to use it. After a bit of tinkering I was able to download the app and figure out its settings. I was out on a shoot and it was time to try it out in a real life setting. I was between shoots and plugged in the SD card for transfer... I waited, waited and waited. The transfer was so slow 25 min later It was still not done and I left it in the car to continue without me. I wish I could say it worked perfectly plugging it in or using it wirelessly. but it just didn't. I decided to give it one more shot and use it just as a backup drive plugged directly into the computer. I transfered 4 days of shoots hard wired into My Macbook and still found it slow. When I returned to my studio and plugged the drive in it was dead. I lost several days of work. Luckily I still had some of the shoots on sd cards. I talked to one of the WD reps at Photo Expo over the weekend and he acknowledged the slow transfer speeds and said it was something they were working on that would be addressed in a future firmware update. Unfortunately this drive is not ready or reliable yet for pro use.