'Architecture Of Density' / by Travis W Keyes


Thrilling as it may be, city life has its drawbacks, not the least of which is the shortage of space between you and the guy with the barking beagle next door. But imagine if your quarters closed in even tighter. Now, imagine it even tighter. Still tighter. And then everyday life suddenly looked something like this:

It's a lifestyle photographer Michael Wolf set out to explore in his project " Architecture of Density,' a study of urban living in Chinese cities like Hong Kong. "If you go to Shanghai or Hong Kong or to any of the big Chinese cities you have this tremendous density around you," Wolf said in an interview with New Republic.

"Up close you see a pair of pants, a t-shirt or a mop hanging out of the window," he adds, signs of habitation that become invisible once his photography technique is employed -- cropping out the sky and the land out of his shot to create a natural illusion of unlimited size of the building in each view.

The result: A series of stunning (albeit dizzying) photos that capture megacity life, without the help of Photoshop. “You have no idea how big the building is. It could be 100 stories or 200 stories, it could be a mile long,” Wolf said.

Check out more of Wolf's "study" in the slideshow below and a follow-up to it called"100x100," which offers an up-close view of 100 interiors of public housing estates where every room has the same measurements: 10 feet by 10 feet (x2).

These Buildings Look Photoshopped...But They're Not.

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